Now you can touch the warmth and sensuality of leather

by running your hand along the wall, or walking barefoot across the floor

-- How to use

-- How to use --

Why cover walls or floors in leather?

Tactile leather surfaces create an effect of warmth, cosiness and exclusiveness. A sensation of natural wonder that
is totally original and completely different from traditional surfaces made of stone, marble, ceramic, wood, resin
or carpeting. Tactile leather surfaces are no different from other materials, however, when it comes to technical
performance and maintenance.

In what sort of spaces are Tactile products recommended?

Tactile materials have a strong aesthetic and emotional impact, which is why we recommend laying them on floors or
walls in prestigious spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, lounges and sitting rooms. They are not recommended for
use in the kitchen because of the frequent use of water and oily products in these rooms, which can with time alter the
surface’s original appearance.

Tactile materials are laid in the same way as ordinary ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. The substrate must be dry and perfectly flat. Use of bicomponent cementitious adhesive is recommended.
Yes. Tactile leather surfaces can be worked and laid just like ordinary ceramic and porcelain tiles, being careful to make the main cut on the back, and then trim the leather with an ordinary cutter.
No. The tiles forming the substrate for Tactile leather surfaces are ground so that they can be laid close together, without gaps between them.
Ordinary cleaning of Tactile leather surfaces simply involves wiping with a damp cloth. Frequent cleaning is not necessary, though this depends on the use of the space where they are installed.
Leather is highly resistant to wear and scratching. It is a “living” material, meaning that if its surface is scratched the marks will be absorbed and disappear as people walk over them. Even deep scratches become less visible as time goes by. In any case, it is possible to restore the material’s original appearance with a quick, specialised cleaning service provided by Tactile; contact us for details.
Tests have revealed that Tactile leather surfaces have an absorbency of 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10) and have no problems in contact with water. In the event of lengthy contact with water (as in a flood), dry the surface properly and then contact Tactile for a quick restoration service; please contact us for details.
No. The surface of Tactile materials is specially tanned to make it long-lasting.
Leather is very fire resistant, but of course direct long-term contact with heat (flame, a cigarette, etc.) will damage its surface. If this happens, request Tactile’s repair service; please contact us for details.
It is essential to avoid contact of leather with ammonia-based products. Other than this, laboratory tests have demonstrated that if cleaned promptly, Tactile leather surfaces will not be affected by vegetable oils, sauces, wine, coca cola and other common household products.
Tactile materials are subjected to rigorous tearing tests to guarantee perfect long-lasting adherence between the ceramic substrate and the leather surface.
Absolutely. Leather is coloured with a master which stays the same for each element, but as leather is a natural material, there will always be slight differences in hue between pieces, a guarantee of their natural value and quality.


4 Surfaces. Over 70 colors.



Technical features

Custom sizes available on request


Strips may be covered on request


Adhesives used to attach leather on the ceramic support


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Surround yourself with richness and splendour

with the most precious of natural elements to make them truly unique. Unrepeatable.

-- About us

-- About us --

Tactile is a brand owned by GM Lavorazioni Pellame, an Italian company with years of experience working with and developing applications for leather in interior design and furnishings. Since 2000 GM has also concerned itself with ceramic production in the Sassuolo district, a centre of excellence of Italian industry, combining its own know-how with the world’s best ceramics to design leather covering elements for interior use. A dynamic, creative, original idea protected by a European patent for production of customised products characterised by high technical quality and absolute exclusiveness.


Tactile produces unique, customisable design elements. Real leather applied to a ceramic backing for interior design and wall and floor coverings. Tactile responds to its customers’ desires by studying and creating products for interior furnishing and decorating solutions of all kinds, in which dedicated design and a focus on detail create unique, exclusive solutions and make precious leather the key to truly unique spaces.


Tactile projects are based on the awareness that luxury, beauty and design have a single guarantee: quality. Tactile uses only certified genuine leather, selecting the best hides, best suited to its customers’ plans and desires. Working and treating them by hand to ensure perfect aesthetic and functional results and guarantee long-lasting exclusiveness. A patented procedure is used to apply leather to a backing made out of the strongest, highest performing Italian ceramics. Products entirely made in Italy, guaranteeing that Tactile elements can be used in any kind of decorating solution, in public or private buildings, on walls or on the floor.

A place where design is more than just a trend

Where luxury is more than a simple sensation

-- News&Events

-- News&Events --

Piastrelle in pelle Avorio Naturale di Tactile Leather


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Bianco Cocco


Discover the beauty and sensuality of leather upholstery. The quality of ceramic combined with the wonderful warmth of fine leather. Browse our website and let us know what you think.




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-- Contact us --

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